WRAS Certificate UK is a certificate of conformity to products and materials that come into contact with drinking water. This document is an accepted document in most European countries, although it is from the UK. Your exports to the UK are mandatory. In other European countries, although not mandatory, some institutions want the products they purchase to have this certificate.

There are two types of Wras Document testing and certification.



WRAS Product Approval; It is the type of document given to products with mechanical failure such as boilers and valves. For this document application, WRAS approval of the materials used in the product will accelerate the process of obtaining documents.


WRAS Material Approval; It is the necessary approval for the materials used in mechanical parts such as rubber or paint. If you are a manufacturer of such a product, it will be easier to buy and trade the materials you produce in the world market.

WRAS Certificate Application Process

Your products must be tested in an authorized laboratory for document receipt. If these tests are reported that your product is not harmful to health, you can obtain it for 5 years.

From the date you contacted us for the Wras Certificate, it takes an average of 8 weeks. It will be useful for you to apply for more than one product at the same time