Sales and Marketing Training

The shrinking markets and increasing competition will lead to a growing importance of sales representatives

Name. With this training, it is presented that the people who want to be a salesman and who still perform the sales profession realize themselves and their abilities, recognize and analyze their customers, create trust in their customers, understand their customers and respond to their needs and what are the key points of how they should direct their customers to buying action. Fundamental aim of contributing to the transformation of knowledge into skill is supported by theoretical knowledge.


Marketing Sales trainings are intended to improve the sales and communication skills and consultancy skills of our participants. Similarly, all practical information is provided within the scope of the training so that our participants can conduct successful relationship management. Marketing-sales employees who receive professional help in creating a good image, together with their rising self-confidence, will be able to

transform their knowledge into skills and skills to success. Who can participate:

Those who want to be a sales representative,

Employees who still perform the sales profession,

Owners who want to learn about sales.