ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation Management System

ISO 17025 Laboratory Accredited testing and calibration laboratories demonstrate that they are implementing a management system and are technically competent.

It can be applied to all organizations providing testing and / or calibration services, regardless of the number of staff or the scope of their activities.


ISO 17025 The main objective of the laboratory accreditation;

Acceptance of test results in test and calibration laboratories between national and international laboratories, declare that the validity of laboratory environment and applied methods is the same as equivalent institution institutions.

Many countries around the world identify the technical competence of laboratories with the help of accreditation systems



ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation Benefits
National and international acceptance of test results and reports facilitates compliance with laws and regulations
To express high esteem both nationally and internationally
Increased customer portfolio and service areas
Standardize test method
Ensures work order in laboratory
Ensures the institutionalization of the concept of traceability.