• The quality, quantity and safety of the products are recorded and protected during the installation carried out by EZHAR Corporate on full time. Surveillance is audited, photographed and recorded at every stage, and the installation process is stopped and the safety of the products is protected if necessary. Thus, the integrity and quality of the product is fully preserved.

  • Supervision of all kind of semi-finished and consumer products loading works for transport vehicles. Supervision is carried out within the scope of our accreditation.


Key Benefits of Surveillance;

It checks the extent to which the products conform to the standards and conditions before and after the loading of the Buyer and Seller.


To prevent any damages that may arise in the event of a possible dispute between the buyer and the seller.


Supervision of Surveillance Companies;

This is independent.

That is reliable.

It is an international enterprise.

This is accredited.


Visual damage control of the products is ensured by being supervised on-site in container, truck and truck loads. Containers, trucks and trucks are controlled and sealed. Detailed inspection (inspection) reports are provided to our customers. EZHAR KURUMSAL aims to provide seamless service to you with its expert staff.