eCosma System and SFDA registration

There is a registration system for export of cosmetic products (all products with skin contact) to Saudi Arabia. This registration system is the Saudi Food & Drugs Authority affiliated to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The name of the registration system for the cosmetic products of this institution is the E-COSMA system.


It is absolutely necessary to export your cosmetics products to Saudi Arabia.

The E-Cosma system, which is a 3-stage recording system, is being analyzed as the fastest and most accurate way for our valuable exporters as Ezhar Group.


Although the E-Cosma system is not an ordinary recording system, it is the most important part of the transactions to be done correctly and in accordance with the Arabian system.

As Ezhar Corporate, we guarantee to provide the most accurate and fastest service in this field with our expert team.


About SFDA Registration;

Saudi Food and Drug Authority

It is a system established to have the leading regional regulatory authority of food, medicine and medical devices with professional and excellent services that contribute to the protection and development of health in Saudi Arabia.

SFDA registration is easy, quick and easy with Ezhar Group staff.

After receiving E-cosmo registration in cosmetic field, you can take Saso certificate, you can make installation

In the food sector, after the registration of the SFDA, you can make customs clearance of your products with the registration number of SFDA at the customs office of Saudi Arabia during the export.