CE Marking in Lighting Area;

Lighting Luminaires In the field of CE certification, accredited testing should be carried out in a 3rd party laboratory according to European standards and then certified. For example, Modern Begalar Bollard, Modern High Garden Light Towers, Garden



Lighting Poles, Camera Poles, Led Outdoor Street Lighting Fixtures, Projectors, Glops, Garden Lighting Set Top, Suspended Lighting Products, Garden Lighting Sconces, Lawn Lighting Poles, Bulbs, Ceiling Wall Sconces, Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Glop Fixtures, Fountains , Bank and Seating Groups, Mailboxes, Trash Cans, Cast Barriers, Accessories / Spare Parts



We can divide them into main groups. 2006/95 / EC / 2006/95 / EC Low Voltage Directive (LVD) tests are carried out. CE certification for lighting fixtures or electrical products is complemented by the label samples affixed to the appropriate product rather than testing.



You can learn the appropriate label sample by contacting us.

CE Marking in Machine Area;

European Union legislation, CE marking The product you produce in industrial industry or sectors is the name of a mark and affirmation that it meets European conformity. For example, a machine manufacturer can perform their tests according to the machine standards they produce. According to these tests, it can arrange CE certificate (BUT) according to the machine group produced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.



If the EK form stated in the Regulation on Safety (2006/42 / EC) is in the scope of (ie the groups of machinery carrying risk), a 3rd Party should have the accredited tests in an accredited laboratory, as well as the Notified bodies authorized by Nando - EUROPA. It must document as CE Certificate.

Necessary and compulsory requirements for CE certificate
An accredited test report must be prepared in a third-party laboratory (such as PTC)


Mechanical drawing, risk analysis, labeling should be done properly


Machine CE certificate If a machine passed in the form of the Ministry of Industry Annex IV, it must be certified by the approved organization.



NOTE: Do not enter into the certification process without performing any tests other than these conditions. In addition to the problems you may have during import export, the penalties you will face under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, besides the errors and the financial losses, remain small.



As PTC Product Testing and Certification company, you are in the whole process of CE certificate in your industrial industry and your products in your sector.


What is CE Certificate. Which Areas Should Be Taken
The CE marking is a third party conformity assessment body that conforms to these directives and is complied with by the manufacturer and his authorized representative, or by a third party conformity assessment body, if the products covered by the New Approach directives prepared under the New Approach Policy adopted by the European Union in 1985 under the technical is a Union sign indicating that it has passed all conformity assessment activities required by the notified body, etc.). "CE" is a sign indicating that the product complies with the relevant technical regulation of the product and that it will not harm the environment by human being and property safety, plant and animal presence if the products are used in accordance with its purpose

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